Source Code for Publications

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    [download code] [doi:10.1109/jstsp.2020.2998402] [arXiv:1912.05854] [supplement]
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    [download code] [doi:10.1109/iccvw.2019.00482] [cvf]
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    [download code] [doi:10.1109/lsp.2020.2977214]
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    [download code] [NeurIPS:8330]
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    [download code] [doi:10.1364/oe.26.014678]
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    [download code] [doi:10.1109/tit.2016.2619373]
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“Learning Approach to Optical Tomography,” Optica, vol. 2, no. 6, pp. 517–522, June 2015.
    [download code] [doi:10.1364/optica.2.000517]
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    [download code] [doi:10.1364/josaa.32.001092]
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    [download code] [doi:10.1109/tit.2014.2309005]
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    [download code] [doi:10.1109/tsp.2012.2217334]
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    [download code] [doi:10.1109/lsp.2012.2209640]