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Computational Imaging is a rapidly growing research area at the intersection of data science, computer vision, machine learning, applied mathematics, and physical sciences. Computational Imaging Group (CIG) develops advanced algorithms for fast and reliable acquisition, efficient processing, and automated analysis of imaging data, including 2D, 3D, or 4D images and videos. Applications include biomedical imaging, material sciences, geospatial sensing, space exploration, industrial inspection, and consumer electronics. We develop algorithms and theoretical foundations for enabling advanced capabilities in future imaging and sensing systems. We have expertise in deep learning, large-scale optimization, signal and image processing, computer vision, and statistical inference. Our research is inherently interdisciplinary and includes collaborations with researchers in optics, medicine, physics, materials, and biology.

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Latest News

June 2023: Ulugbek will deliver a keynote talk at the International Symposium on Computational Sensing on 12-14 June 2023 in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

May 2023: New paper Block Coordinate Plug-and-Play Methods for Blind Inverse Problems.

May 2023: Respiratory motion management using a single rapid MRI scan for a 0.35 T MRI-Linac system was accepted to Medical Physics.

April 2023: Ulugbek Kamilov was promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure at Washington Univeristy.

April 2023: Ulugbek Kamilov is the recipient of the Outstanding Teaching Award from the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering at Washington University.

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