Welcome to the Computational Imaging Group!

The Computational Imaging Group (CIG) at Washington University in St. Louis pursues research on the development of advanced algorithms and mathematical tools for computational imaging.

Over the past two decades, there has been a significant paradigm shift in imaging research. Increasingly, researchers are coming to consensus that computation is a cornerstone of future imaging systems. Our research focuses on that aspect of imaging by developing computational methods that enable new imaging capabilities. Specifically, we aim to advance optimization, machine learning, and statistical inference to come up with new models, algorithms, and systems for imaging. Our work is inherently interdisciplinary and has broad applications in biomedical imaging, defense, physical science, and industrial inspection. We extensively collaborate with researchers in optics, medicine, biology, as well as with those working in industry.


Latest News

December 2018: The video recording of Ulugbek’s plenary at iTWIST 2018 is available online.

November 2018: Ulugbek was re-elected as a member of the IEEE Technical Committee on Computational Imaging for 2019-2021.

November 2018: Plenary by Ulugbek on Signal Processing for Nonlinear Diffractive Imaging and a talk by Yu on Stability of Scattering Decoder for Nonlinear Diffractive Imaging, both at iTWIST 2018.

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