Welcome to the Computational Imaging Group (CIG)!

Computational Imaging is a rapidly growing research area at the intersection of image processing, computer vision, physical sciences, and machine learning. Computational Imaging Group (CIG) at Washington University researches new methods for reliable acquisition, efficient processing, and automated analysis of spatiotemporal data. Application include biomedical imaging, material sciences, geospatial intelligence, space exploration, industrial inspection, and consumer electronics. We develop algorithms and theoretical foundations for enabling advanced capabilities in future imaging systems. We have expertise in large-scale optimization, signal and image processing, machine learning, computer vision, and statistical inference. Our research is inherently interdisciplinary and includes collaborations with researchers in optics, medicine, physics, and biology.

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Latest News

April 2021: “Phase2Phase: Respiratory Motion-Resolved Reconstruction of Free-Breathing MRI Using Deep Learning Without a Ground Truth for Improved Liver Imaging” was accepted to Investigative Radiology.

March 2021: Congratulations to Jiaming who will join Los Alamos National Laboratory as a summer research inter! He will work with Brendt Wohlberg and other computational imaging researchers to develop randomized learning-based algorithms for scientific imaging.

March 2021: Congratulations to Xiaojian who will join Facebook Reality Labs as a summer research inter! She will get to develop novel technologies in the areas of computational imaging and display.

March 2021: The source code for Regularization by Artifact Removal (RARE) is now available for download.

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